Are you looking for a dog to keep an eye on your home and family? The breeds that make ideal watchdogs include Poodle, ShihTzu, Dachshund, Chihuahua, and Terriers. These breeds will alert you to presence of intrusions by their continuous barking. A guard dog does more than simply sound the alarm. It will tackle dangerous animals and strangers. This list contains the top 10 powerful guard dogs that meet the criteria due to their devotion, strength as well as their ability to handle discomfort.

1) Doberman Pinscher

Beyond being a faithful friend, Dobermans can efficiently guard an entire estate. Dobermans are a courageous dog breed that can be extremely fast and thus can cover large distances easily to be able to confront a trespasser from any area on your home. Dobies are also excellent police and military dogs. They also make the top 10 smartest dogs in the world.

2.) Giant Schnauzer

Another loyal and formidable breed that is known for its vicious bite. The size of a giant Schnauzer and powerful barking will effortlessly keep away unwanted visitors. The powerful dogs need proper education and socialization. Additionally, they must be kept busy mentally and physically.

3) German Shepherd

This breed was initially utilized to herd sheep. It is brave, confident and extremely reliable. German Shepherds are willing to risk their lives in order to defend their families. GSDs are also highly sought-after as police dogs due to the fact that they're adept at learning diverse commands to fulfill various duties. They're gentle towards their families, but when they are playing the job of a security dog, they can be quite tough and not forgiving.

4) Rottweiler

In addition to performing the duties as a guard dog Rotties can also be used as police, Search & Rescue dogs. Additionally, they help take care of live animals in many areas around the globe. The breed is extremely committed to its family members and is serene in their presence. A calm, even-tempered manner can transform into a fierce one when the family members are confronted by threat from an object.

5) Komondor

It's also known by the name Hungary Sheepdog. The dog is huge and strong. It can act and make its own decisions. They have an inherent instinct to guard animals, their goods family members, property and loved ones. They are an excellent pet for families who give it an early introduction to the world of socialization as well as obedience classes. The dog doesn't like criminals and will never hesitate to beat them down. Although it may overlook innocent people with no intention to harm. If you want to get other dog information please visit dogable.